Andy Hawirko

Project Manager

P: (250).851.9292 ext. 231

Andy is an Experienced Senior Project Manager successfully completing numerous Commercial, Residential and Industrial Construction Projects throughout Western Canada. These projects have ranged from minor Tenant Improvements for select clients to Multi-Million Dollar Office Buildings, Malls, Restaurants, Retail Facilities, Luxury Condominiums and High End Permanent Construction Camps. Andy is a graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Building Construction Engineering program and soon after his graduation, he was promoted to Project Manager for a Multi Storey Hi Rise Project in Edmonton. He has Design Build Experience with numerous projects including the successful completion of the first phase 5 Storey Office Complex for Syncrude Canada (100,000 SF +) in Mildred Lake, Ft. McMurray, AB. as well as many others.

The Motto he tries to live by is “Do it Right the First Time, but if by some chance that isn’t possible – then fix it so it won’t happen a third time”. Communication and attention to detail is the lifeblood of any successful project – so that’s what he tries to promote on any Project he gets involved with.

Andy has been a resident of Kamloops for almost 9 years now and enjoys the people, climate and lifestyle that Kamloops offers. There are few places that can compare to the beauty, peaceful way of life and the ever-changing landscape and lighting that the Valleys of Kamloops offer. Golfing, Hiking, Biking and Kayaking are a few of the activities that he enjoys doing with his wife and extended family. One day soon he says – I’m going to practice the Fly Fishing lesson that my sister taught me when she visited Kamloops a few years ago.


Deanna Cire


P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 245

Deanna knows about how numbers shape decisions. She helps the company, and each of its clients, see how financial details fit into the bigger picture. She digs deep to ensure every dollar is not only accounted for but makes sense to everyone.

She is responsible for managing company overhead, accounts payable and receivable, payroll and remittances. On behalf of A&T’s clients, she ensures clear communication related to invoicing expectations and processes and works diligently on their behalf to make sure money matters make sense.

Her unique combination of a formal education in psychology (criminology) and training in accounting means she sees clearly how the balance sheet contributes to both client and company goals.

A relative of Evil Knievel, the motorcycle daredevil, Deanna directs her need for adventure to exploring other cultures through programs like Developing World Connections.

Cameron Hopkinson

Cameron Hopkinson

Project Manager

P: (250).851.9292 ext. 227

As a Project Manager for many of A&T’s Developments, Cameron’s specialty is complex large scale multi-family, commercial and mixed-use projects. He is responsible for the financial, scheduling, permitting and planning and processes to ensure on-time and on-budget completion of large scale developments. He selects and supervises all onsite managers and tradespersons and measures and reports project progress on a continuous basis.

Having managed residential, commercial and industrial builds that span from municipal facilities to oil fields, Cameron has successfully guided projects through business case, planning, budgeting, procurement, scheduling, project reporting and stakeholder liaison – always ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with additional certification as a LEED Green Associate.

He is the kind of guy who takes responsibility for anything that needs doing. At work and at home – where Cameron and his wife are raising their young son.

Warren Butler

Warren Butler

Site Superintendent


Since joined the A&T team in 2009, Warren has been the Site Superintendent on numerous residential and commercial projects. He ensures that all activities, supplies, equipment and personnel on a job site are prepared and progress as planned. He ensures safety standards are maintained on the site each day, and is the go-to guy for all labourers and trades, liaising closely on all site-specific details with our project managers.

A carpenter by trade, Warren applies decades of building knowledge and experience to each project. His style is to motivate by example: when he sees something that needs doing, he works alongside staff and trades to get it done. As the liaison between the project manager and all labourers and trades, often liaising directly with the client when needed, Warren has a handle on everything that happens on site each day. Regardless of the challenge, Warren remains solution-focused. A trait that has enabled him to build respectful and productive relationships with clients, suppliers and tradespeople.

The one word that best describes Warren is dedicated. He is usually the first person on site each morning and the last person to leave at the end of the day – making sure the site is clean and secure and prepared for another day of productivity.

And when Warren does leave the job site, he usually drives away thinking about what he can do or build for his most important project – his two young and active children.

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson

Project Manager

P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 243

As a Project Manager working within our Development Division, Michelle coordinates the many logistics involved in large scale construction projects. Her responsibilities span from scope of work, tenders, permitting, estimating and budget management to sub-trade contracts, document management and liaison with architects, engineers and designers. She is also responsible for the delivery and review of owner warranties.

Michelle’s blend of training in project management, LEED Green Building Systems and an on-the-job education in residential construction management, has earned her the respect of clients and colleagues alike. Combined with the fact that she has owned and operated her own business, Michelle truly understands owners and their priorities.

A Saskatchewan girl, she does say some unique things from time to time. But when she’s talking about job cost budget analysis, everyone understands what she means – that nothing gets spent without owner approval.

She would like to open an animal shelter someday. Until then, she gets her fix from the three dogs that hang out in the A&T office.

Darren Chevalier

Darren Chevalier

Project Manager

P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 235

Darren is a seasoned project manager and estimator who brings a quarter century of construction experience to each of his A&T projects. Working within the company’s Developments Division, Darren is always on the move – costing out and then managing developments across western Canada. He manages all project budgets, schedules, supplies, permits and personnel while ensuring a safe and secure worksite that enables each project to progress according to pre-established goals.

He holds a Diploma in Building Technology from BCIT and is a Gold Seal Certified Construction Project Manager who specializes in large scale multi-family, commercial and mixed-use projects. He also has unique experience managing projects that involve already occupied buildings where client operations are maintained with minimal impact throughout the project lifecycle.

Throughout his career Darren has completed numerous projects in the institutional, commercial, retail, health care and restaurant sectors of construction.

Darren holds traditional values about work – placing ethics, honesty and dedication top of the list for every job. He believes a successful construction project is one where the standards of communication and organization are in perfect alignment with quality and safety control. That’s how things get managed on his job site – when he is there, and when he’s not!

Kyle MacBurney

Kyle MacBurney

Site Superintendent


Kyle is a journeyman carpenter by training who hails from Williams Lake, BC. Folks from Williams Lake are self-sufficient. For Kyle, hanging with the guys usually involved fixing something. True to his roots, Kyle has become skilled at much more than carpentry. He has spent the past decade acquiring the skills and safety training to lay foundations, operate fork lifts and man lifts, install almost every type of roofing and he knows his way around plumbing and heating like a tradesperson knows their tools.

Having worked in residential framing, sheet metal siding, roof installation and both interior and exterior finishing on a variety of construction projects, Kyle is the kind of carpenter you want on your job.

When Kyle is on a site, he wants the job done well. His commitment to quality is only surpassed by his commitment to safety. He is certified in Fall Protection, Mobile Equipment Operation and has been trained in WHMIS.

For Kyle, working at A&T combines what he values most – opportunity and pride. He loves looking at the beautiful work they do and he knows how many jobs he works on at A&T are for repeat customers – something he says is the best thing that can happen in the construction industry.

Brent Ortwein

Project Superintendent


As a Project Superintendent for A&T, Brent ensures that all activities, supplies, equipment and personnel on a job site are prepared and progress as planned. He ensures safety standards are maintained on the site each and every day and is the go-to guy for all labourers and trades, liaising closely on all site-specific details with our project managers.

Brent has close to two decades experience as the most senior person on site for construction projects ranging from high-rise buildings and shopping centres to commercial and residential housing. As part of the A&T team, he has supervised the $16 M. construction of a large scale multi-family development at Sun Peaks Resort and the $10M construction of a premium urban multifamily development in the downtown core of Kamloops.

Brent is certified in Swing Stage (suspension scaffolding) Systems and is trained in Confined Space Entry and Monitoring.

Lindsay Stobbe

Project Coordinator

P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 229

As a Project Coordinator, Lindsay is the go-to person for things day to day in the office – arranging permits, issuing purchase orders, finalizing contracts and making sure important information is at everyone’s fingertips. She is the first person you will see when you enter the office and make no mistake, she knows where everyone is at all times.

With more than a decade of experience as a production coordinator, she is the type of support person who has a pulse on everything. And is the first one people turn to for answers. She thrives on multi-tasking and likes a fast-paced deadline oriented environment – which makes her a good fit for A&T and our clients.

Lindsay spent every summer of her childhood at a hunting camp so there are very few things that stump her and if one does, she’ll ‘figure it out’.

Ask Lindsay about her job at A&T and she will talk less about what she does and more about how it feels to be part of a team working with people she sincerely respects.

Kelly Murphy

Project Manager

P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 226

Kelly has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and has dedicated over 20 of them to A&T Project Developments Inc. As a Project Manager within our Commercial Division, Kelly ensures that our large and complex projects, whether commercial, mixed-use or multi-tenant, are planned and completed to meet, or exceed, client goals. He manages all stages of a project from estimating to scheduling, to supply and equipment management through to the service and safety of each and every person (professionals, laborers and trades) who contribute to the finished project. All on time and on budget.

Kelly started his career as a journeyman carpenter then earned his Gold Seal Superintendent Certification and his Gold Seal Certified Project Manager Certification – both from the Canadian Construction Association. He has successfully led several of A&T’s commercial projects over the past two decades, including the $8M expansion of the Kamloops Airport.

Kelly’s first hand trades experience, his honesty and his commitment to A&T has allowed him to develop and maintain long-term and productive relationships with Sub trades. They know they can count on Kelly to be true to his word.

Kelly is proud of his 3 grown children for continuing the family tradition of hard work, responsibility and helping others. It’s a set of values he says he’s seen continually put into action over his 20 Plus years at A&T.

Matthew Gise

Matthew Gise

Project Manager

P: (250).851.9292 ext. 249

As a Project Manager for A&T’s Commercial and Residential Divisions, Matt works closely with our design and construction teams to plan and implement commercial and mixed-use projects. His day to day responsibilities are to oversee the bidding, estimating, subcontracting, purchasing, scheduling, personnel, invoicing, progress reporting and, perhaps most importantly, liaison with clients and owners.

Matthew is a graduate of Dalhousie University in Halifax where he earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies. Kamloops born and raised, he came home to ‘the Loops’ 10 years ago and has managed a variety of commercial, institutional, municipal and P3 projects leading all aspects of the project life-cycle. He holds the Professional Project Manager Certification and is a LEED Accredited Professional – two formal certifications that, among other construction safety certifications, and a long list of software skills, makes Matt one of the ‘go-to’ guys at A&T.

Each day that Matt comes to work, he strives to put into practice what his mentor taught him – to look at each project through the lens of the stakeholders involved and to be an active listener who respects everyone’s opinions.

If Matt wasn’t choreographing constructions projects, he’d be choreographing melodies on his guitar. While his days in a heavy metal band are long over, he still finds strumming a great way to unwind and renew.

Jackie Inkster

Interior Design

P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 236

Jackie oversees the interior design on all A&T’s development sales centres and display homes as well as all interior specifications and design for A&T’s large scale commercial and multi-family developments throughout the region.

With a degree in Applied Interior Design, and a knack for finding creative solutions, her office mates know Jackie’s mantra is ‘balance’. She is constantly searching for the perfect balance – in scale, proportion, form and function – to ensure the spaces A&T builds are finished not only to technical requirements but also to the desired living experience. Her design solutions have been implemented in numerous A&T multifamily, commercial and residential developments.

It takes a unique skill to imagine how people might experience a space long before the walls are built. But this is Jackie’s forte and she has repeatedly demonstrated it, helping the company earn several industry awards.

Inspired by the fortitude of her mother, Jackie does not shy away from challenge. Instead, she stays grounded (which really means ‘well-balanced’) and embraces the times when the solution is not easily found.

Carla Tyson


P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 223

Carla loves numbers. She loves when they line up exactly as they should. Which is why she’s responsible for the company’s annual budgeting and forecasting of all things financial. She manages the company’s accounts payable and receivable as well as all remittances required by Revenue Canada. She manages all job costing on development projects, reporting on commercial and residential projects and knows our project financial management software, Maestro, inside and out.  She is our accounting software expert and if there is ever a problem, she is the one to fix it.  She keeps track of every dollar. And enjoys it.

Carla joined A&T after more than a decade of experience as an accountant for KPMG and as the Accounts Receivable and Revenue Accountant for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

She holds a diploma in Accounting from Thompson Rivers University. She also completed levels 1-3 of the CGA program in pursuit of her professional accountant designation and regularly takes accounting courses to stay updated on all accounting policies and procedures.

Managing money is sometimes not the most warm and fuzzy job. But Carla is easy going and always welcoming. And she gets her warm and fuzzies at work by sharing space with one of our office dogs, an American Cocker Spaniel names Renly.

Frank Quinn

Frank Quinn


P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 229

Frank brings over 30 years’ experience as a lawyer, developer, corporate strategist and governance leader to his role with A&T. He is a visionary who identifies opportunity then pairs it with relevant knowledge, prudence and the right partnerships to make good ideas happen. He oversees the company’s land negotiations and acquisitions, and leads the research and analysis required to ensure its major developments and projects are not only feasible but successful. He also directs and supervises the investment, design and planning decisions required for each of A&T’s major multi-family and commercial projects.

With a long history of providing counsel in financial and commercial law, as well as decades of law firm management, Frank now serves on the senior advisory counsel for Fulton & Co, where he where he advises financial institutions on the structuring of transactions and advises corporations on restructuring their affairs to deal with financial crisis.

He has helped guide and govern several provincial, regional and local business, community, health and educational organizations, and currently serves as the Chair of the Thompson Rivers University Community Trust.

Together with his wife Cathy, he is a father to three, a grandfather to five and a trusted and devoted friend to many. He is uncompromising in his commitments to others but equally devoted to the intense pursuit of his interests – which include heli-skiing, mountain climbing and mountain biking.

Gary Reed

Vice President Sales & Marketing / Partner

P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 232

As a Graduate of the UBC Sauder School of Business, Gary combines a background as a former top producing real estate associate and his proven endurance as two-time Canadian Track and Field Olympian, to his role as VP Sales and Marketing for A&T.

As a Partner and member of A&T’s senior management team, Gary leads the sales and marketing for all company divisions. He is also responsible for the evaluation of opportunities and execution of contracts related to land acquisitions and large scale developments. Once in play, he leads A&T’s  team and a trusted group of contracted sales and marketing specialists through the research, design, planning, identity, market positioning and sales process for the company’s major development projects.

Gary is a results-oriented manager who has a strong record of empowering others to meet and exceed required goals. Since joining A&T, he has successfully positioned and marketed over $200 million in commercial, mixed use – and multi-family developments.

He is the Executive Director of the Reed Athletics Fund a non-profit he founded to help aspiring Olympic hopefuls in track and field.

Together with his wife, Gary is raising their two young daughters to be active, athletic and adventurous.


Brandon Lolli

Vice President of Construction / Partner

P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 228

As a Partner and member of the company’s senior management team, Brandon oversees construction operations including project estimating, scheduling, permitting and development approvals.  He hires, manages and evaluates all Project Managers, project superintendents, assistant superintendents and construction personnel and ensures that all equipment and materials are where they need to be, when they need to be there.  He ensures projects progress on schedule without ever compromising the company-wide commitment to secure and safety-first workplaces.

Brandon has directed the successful completion of multiple commercial and lease hold improvement projects including hotel, retail, recreation, office, industrial and residential within the region. He is a Certified Red Seal Carpenter and an Accredited Project Manager who credits his mentors with teaching him the importance of detail and an honest work ethic.  Something he believes to be the values held firmly within A&T.

Brandon is proud of his work and of what he has built for his growing family – his mom, partner and their two young children – and a dog who have been with him since he started his career in Yellowknife.

Jeff Arnold


P: (250) 851.9292 ext. 222

Jeff is a humble leader who is guided as much by his principles as his business acumen. As President and Founder of A&T Project Developments Inc., he has built the company from the ground up over the past 25 years.  With a formal education in business administration and decades of experience in the construction industry, he has refined the skill of building and supporting a team who is committed to the company’s values and goals. He leads by example while setting and managing corporate strategy – and then fosters the relationships with staff, clients, consultants and trades to ensure goals are met with the highest standard of quality, safety, accountability and ‘moral’ judgement. And he ensures the financial health of the organization, knowing that good financial management benefits everyone.

As a Canadian Construction Association Gold Seal Certified Project Manager, he understands both the challenges and solutions of large scale construction projects and maintains final responsibility for the construction approvals and processes of A&T’s major projects. More than 1000 residential, commercial and multi-family projects have been successfully completed under Jeff’s leadership.

He is a recognized business leader who is community-minded and generously supports those organizations who help others. He has a track record of community service and is past-president and an active director of the Kamloops Food Bank.

When is not working on the business, he’s pursuing a personal goal like climbing a mountain, trekking across a foreign land or guiding his two daughters toward a life of health, happiness and success.